Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ethical Feeding for the New Eden - Eve Is One

NOTE FROM AUTHOR:  I telepathically received this concept module in an instant.  I completely understood it, and recognized it as important.  Writing and offering examples was a more dense experience.  The examples were apparently necessary for some and not obvious to all.  

It is apparently TIME for more purposeful feeding and time is running out for passive feeding habits.

The higher vibrations necessary at this time for ascension-minded individuals cannot be held comfortably without some mindful changes to human habits of feeding passively on unethical offerings by corporations.

-Eve Featherstone

Message for timelines unique to each individual reading this.
Allow these guidelines to help you make choices for continued advancement towards desired range of vibration resonance.
Consider it brought to you from a particular future which could be of your choosing.

Ethical Feeding is a way of life honoring all life, which complies with higher sets of Universal Law and which invites a higher framework of ethics, health and confidence.  This way of feeding is in alignment with kindness and survival.  Free yourself from conflicting, in-congruent behaviors and consumption.  Align with your highest self.  Align with the self which knows infinite kindness and infinite rationale*.

Consume foods which align with the following principals:

Source of this food has freedom of mobility throughout its life. (plants require no mobility for example)
Source of this food has completed its natural lifespan before harvest.  (corn, wheat, nuts, soybeans, etc)
Source retains lifespan after harvest.  (for example: dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit)

Range of Mobility preserved
Lifespan preserved
Natural integrity preserved (no drugs, GMO, manufactured chemicals)

In general, trees and plants offer their fruits for consumption by insects and animals.

Here are some practical examples of applying these ideas no matter where you currently are in terms of feeding preferences.  If an individual must feed in 3D Matrix illusion in order to survive, higher choices from lower section are available.

Higher Examples in Ascension-Minded, Quantum inclined individuals

EXAMPLE:  When vegetables and fruits are picked, the mother plant continues to produce seed bearing units through its lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  When wheat, corn, soybeans, onions,  are harvested, plant has completed natural lifespan and is brown and dry at harvest.  Prior to that, it is cared for and nurtured.

EXAMPLE:  When gardening, one can harvest some leaves, but not all of the plant, thereby preserving its lifespan.

Lower Examples in 3D Matrix Vibration

EXAMPLE:  A wild hog taken by hunting has preserved its freedom of mobility.  A farm raised hog is held in unethical confinement with lifespan shortened.

EXAMPLE:  Grass fed cattle retain mobility, but beef cattle are confined in unethical concentration with lifespan shortened.

EXAMPLE:  Turkey and chickens are not recommended for feeding because of unethical concentration, unethical transport and extremely short lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  Eggs may be from chickens whose mobility is preserved or from extreme unethical confinement.

EXAMPLE: Dairy applies to only female cattle and males are selected for beef cattle conditions which may be grass fed or unethical concentration.  Female dairy cattle have their lifespans preserved and may be grass fed or held in unethical confinement.  Male calves have short lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  All poultry, cattle and hogs are transported unethically to harvest.

I AM EVE is One
via Eve Featherstone

rationale - a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief.

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