Thursday, January 11, 2018

Laurels and Lavish Care - Channel Ara Pella, Andromedan Priestess

As a feather beguiles
The student of physics
So shall your progression
Towards permanent residence
In the realm of your sister-reality
Beguile your tribe of yesterday
Struggling to see what you are
As you struggle to be who you are.

This way of life
Will be like meeting
For the first time
Your family of heroes
Who live grand but noble lives

Shaken from your stuper
Upon waking out of the
Dream of drugery
The kiss of luck and light
Filleth your cups
Full to connect and bathe

Indolence, pleasure and spirit of life
Don't turn away from the light side
Don't be afraid of pleasure, gain, lust or dominion
Over what you created NOW to be taken
The crown to be worn

Ride this parade of winnings
After conquering yourself and
Establishing a flag for the good.

Laurels, lavish care and abundance
Upon your deserving self
My own Dear friend and comrade.

Sister of the Light
Ara Pella
Andromedan Priestess

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