Monday, March 19, 2018

Do Not Revert - Channel Angels of Dominion

Do not feed your reproductive urges with dark images or darkened image scenarios.
Do not embrace your dark side, it is junk food for the soul.
Do not believe that opposites attract.
Seek to attract that which is a notch or two above the best standards you have attained.

In the forgotten experimentation beneath modern man, there exists primal seeds of darkness which at one time may have been a necessary catalyst, but which now are a guaranteed demotion of ethical status.

If you do not seek to become a primitive creature on a primitive plane, do not partake in the dark, overplayed dramas which feed the (soon to be extinct) seed of darkness within our genetic makeup.

Once thought to be the survival instinct with all its behaviors, it is now known as a lingering obstacle to awakening's flower of existence.

Nearer now today, than yesterday, this new awakening will require a final cleanse of psychic inventory.

Audit your aura, audit your crown, audit your dreams, audit your desires and bring everything current.

Do not Revert back to sub-human in any way.

Our ancestors endeavored to create grace in everyday living through social niceties, spiritual willpower and fundamental right and wrong.  Do not, in your privileged, boring, relatively struggle-free lives, bring back these brute behaviors and imagery to make yourself feel alive.  If you do succumb, you will be killing yourself and all that your ancestors worked towards.  You are in their future now, and it is your duty to uphold grace in everyday life.  Seek those who maintain strength with intentions of Light, optimistic genius, and who inspire with clear and simple intention.

Carefully tend your 'garden of the future' with present day maintenance of grace, dignity, authenticity and bring out to your current image, the reflection of Divine presence.

Angels of Dominion,
via Eve Featherstone

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