Thursday, June 23, 2011

Channeled Poem, Psychic Spending Spree, 6-23-2011

My consciousness is bigger
than I had ever thought.
I've pulled it in so small here
in my three dimension lot.
Small enough to manage,
small enough to free
my spirit up for joy and
for psychic spending sprees.
The expanse of the wholeness
of my spirit has instead,
spread into the areas
which don't have need to spread.
They are on the other side of
membranes we can't see,
because they are not 3D
but more infinity.
Past this planet's sphere
of limitations all most dense,
past the ways we have of
observing which past tense,
or which future enigma
is looking through our eyes
at the obsolete existence
of pestilence and cries.

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