Monday, February 6, 2012

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Finished with Finishing, 2-6-12

Finishing first, or finishing in a timely manner really aren't necessary. Your quest to finish tasks is a tedious waste of time, and indeed you would be better served to fill your day doing what you "feel" like doing instead of what you should, could, or better do. The dutiful push behind your daily tasks suggests you will not be accepted by others or will feel shame or guilt at the end of the day if you do not accomplish them.

Release these ideas if you can for one day, and do only what you "feel" like doing. Your heart, mind and body are cyclical, and your ambitions, strengths, and interests will change like the phases of the moon, only not quite as predictable as that. In addition to the moon, there are an infinite number of other factors in the cosmos which effect all things. Now, there are all of these cycles, orbits, and phases slowly funneling into the New Earth's energies. The New Earth energies will completely change these cycles and patterns forever by supporting and revving them up to be super-charged. Higher vibration, higher purpose, higher consciousness, and gentler more loving reasons behind everything done, unraveled and rebuilt.

It is for these reasons of monumental change, that you as humans are going to feel strange, bad, good, exhilarated, free, old, young, and everything in between as your cycles adapt. You must take very good care of yourselves in every way, and allow yourself to sleep ridiculous amounts of time if necessary. Allow yourself to put many things off, and allow yourself gentle decisions made with the outcome of ease and no pressure. This is about allowing yourself to be swept up with no resistance and you will sometimes awaken into a reality which feels and is very different from the last. This is about caring for yourself, and allowing yourself to be cared for.

Relax into the acceleration and do not fight it or allow old beliefs or other people's beliefs to tarnish your experience.

Sirian Council of 8
via Eve Featherstone

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