Sunday, February 5, 2012

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Physical Challenges, 2-5-12

Eventually all of you will succumb to physical complications, however, your beliefs and instincts are crucial still. You must not assume your body has ever failed you, for that is never the case.
You must be careful with messages you send to your cells, and you must hold yourself sacred through health and challenges to your health. Your body is sacred through it all, and it's story is no different than stories of other bodies told for thousands of years.

Revel in your physical manifestations and do your best when in health not to send yourself messages that this or that is 'bad', for indeed your intricate focus on negativity is never sound. Trust your body to crave its cravings, and occasionally fast to reset your cravings. Then proceed with no judgment, but only appreciation for the new insight, new fascination, and new foods to crave. Change your food, change your habits, change you lifestyle, change your living situations, change your mind . . . it is a banquet, you see, and the dance of change keeps you in balance and keeps your instincts sharp.

With your permission, we hold you in extra-dimensional grids of geometric, rotating light, and we invite you to align your cells, vibration, brainwaves, and energy bodies to these grids of light to upgrade your reality to that of the new dimensions you will be living in shortly.

The Sirian Council of 8
via Eve Featherstone

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