Sunday, December 8, 2013

Zero'd Out

I touched him kind
I touched him soft
He said this time
Something is wrong
Are you human?
He asked in vain*
This is crazy
This is wrong
I've never felt this
Why'd it take so long
He wanted pain
From head to tail
I told him no
I can't avail
It isn't love
It isn't honor
Why do you put
Your body under
This harsh attack
To pleasure not
I turn my back
And Zero Out

-Eve Featherstone

*in vain - without success or a result

NOTE FROM EVE: I encountered a person today who responded deeply to a session, but he freaked out and decided to take control which negated the whole session's progress. Together we traveled to our opposite poles and in the process cancelled each other out to zero. After he left, I couldn't remember where I was or why I was here. It was similar to when you have to remind yourself of your reality when you wake up from a dream. I found it disturbing, but later realized we did each other a favor, because the goal is zero. Zero is where everyone comes from and goes back to. It is zero point. It is the event horizon. We all have our own event horizon, and mirrors of ourselves sharing the same event horizon. I met mine today.

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